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Fall In Love With These Autumn Teas

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With the falling leaves and cold weather what would be better than a hot cup of tea? These are the 5 teas that are on the “spotlight” this month and they are a must have. Next time you are at Crepes Tea House, order a cup of one of these teas and enjoy the delicious flavor that is in tune with the upcoming season!


Spiced Apple Pie

Price per Cup: $3.60

Tea Type: Red

Taste Test: When you think of autumn, you can picture this tea. The Spiced Apple Tea was inspired by the classic homemade apple pie and it has a distinct apple crisp taste with only a hint of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. This decadent red tea promotes relaxation and good health.


Garden Basket

Price per Cup:$3.60

Tea Type: Herbal

Taste Test: This tea brings the delicious flavors of apple, blackberry, black currant, sour cherry, and raspberry along with rosehip and hibiscus flower pieces. It is a perfect blend for the final days of summer and it would be even better with a sweet crepe!


Cranberry Harvest

Price per Cup: $3.60

Tea Type: Green

Taste Test: Cranberries symbolize the coming of the cold weather. This tea offers a delicious taste of fruit (mainly cranberry) and a sour surprise that stands out but is pleasant.


Hot Cinnamon Spice

Price per Cup: $4.80

Tea Type: Chaí

Taste Test: The Hot Cinnamon Spice tea offers a lot in a single cup. You can definitely taste the fresh cinnamon, cracked cloves, and pink peppercorn berries. This tea is sweet, but that is all natural! The enjoyable sweetness in this tea is from cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorn berries with no additional. By drinking this tea, you feel prepared for the cold weather and the holidays to begin.


Caramel Toffee

Price per Cup: $4.60

Tea Type: Oolong

Taste Test: Caramel apples are a must for autumn. Drink this delicious chai and taste the caramel with the subtle yet noticeable taste of the fresh ginger. This tea is mouthwatering from the moment you smell the steam coming from the hot cup, to the moment you take your first sip.