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Spotlight Teas (Winter/Holiday)

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Holiday Greetings to everyone! This month we have four new spotlight teas at Crepes Tea House which remind you of the holidays. One of the most common confections that you can always spot in stores and around your house during the holidays are candies and cookies! Our tea selected for this month are chocolate, peppermint, and cookie inspired flavors. Read on to learn more about these delicious teas…

Toasted Almond Cookie

Tea Type: Black

Taste Test: This tea is a delicious creamy treat that anyone would be lucky to indulge. It is composed of roasted almonds and cinnamon to introduce a little of heat while still maintaining the delicious taste of roasted almonds.

Chocolate Chai Tea

Tea Type: Chai

Taste Test: The chocolate chai provides a deep taste of chocolate, antioxidant black tea, exotic spices, and vanilla bean. This tea has a delicious , rich, and velvety flavor which would pair perfectly with steamed milk and honey.

Peppermint Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Herbal

Taste Test: Our delicious peppermint leaf tea produces a mesmerizing aroma and a refreshing cup of hot tea. The peppermint makes you think of the holidays because the tea tastes like an unsweetened candy cane. Add honey for a little bit of sweetness, and receive a whole lot of joy!

Chocolate Mint Tea

Tea Type: Red

Taste Test: The Chocolate Mint Tea is the best of both worlds. Indulge in the flavor of our chocolate tea with some mint notes that bring a little more value and flavor to the tea. This is the perfect holiday (candy) hot tea!