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Chocolate Walnut Cake

Although Sweet Crepes are our main focus, we have other desserts. Crepes Tea House has a dessert menu with 5 different dishes. In this blog post we’ll bring our desserts to light and let you know what they are, some of the ingredients used (besides the secret ones); and a quick taste test!



The Napoleon is a delicious cake with two different, but complementary textures. The cake’s many layers are made out of puff pastry which brings the flakey texture to the cake. The filling is made out of cream cheese, whipped cream, and condensed milk to bring the creamy texture and the sweet taste. This cake is a perfect pairing to any coffee or tea.


Banana Hill

The Banana Hill dessert is made out of fresh sliced bananas with whole walnuts and honey drizzle on top of the bananas. This simple dessert is refreshing and nutritious!


Cream Puffs

The frozen cream puffs are boiled in liquid chocolate and are served hot with a hot outer core (chocolate) and frozen cream inside the cream puffs. This sweet dessert is delicious for those who are craving something warm and ice cream at the same time.



The tiramisu is composed of lady fingers dipped in fresh coffee. Then mascarpone cheese is mixed with eggs and powdered sugar to bring all of the ingredients together to create the sweet and creamy filling which is used in the Tiramisu. Lastly, cocoa is sprinkled on top of the Tiramisu.


Walnut Chocolate Cake

The Walnut Chocolate Cake is made out of cocoa, eggs, sugar, flour, and margarine. It is coated with a sweet sour cream sauce and covered in walnuts. This cake has a strong chocolate flavor and a delicious walnut crunch. One customer said, “ It is like an explosion of chocolate.”


The link to our dessert menu is below: