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Uha Soup

Uha Soup

A Russian favorite, Uha is one of the most popular and memorable dishes of Russia. This blog post is about the history of Uha Soup and what the soup is composed of.

What is Uha?

Uha is a clear Russian soup that is based off a fish broth which is made out of various types of fish. At Crepes Tea House we serve Uha with salmon, potatoes, and a little onion to bring out the taste of the fish.

History of Uha?

In the 15th century ‘Uha’ was typically made out of beef and chicken. However, around the 17th and 18th century Uha started to be created out of fish. During the 19th century, most tourists in Russia said that Uha was one of the best dishes in Russian cuisine.

This soup was very popular in Russia because after a day of fishing, they would be able to create this simple, yet delicious soup using their day’s catch.

What Are Some Ingredients in Uha?

Vegetables were scarce in the frozen tundra of Russia, so the amount of vegetables in Uha was kept to a minimum. However as time went on, more vegetables were added to the soup, like potatoes. Our Uha soup has potato pieces and a little onion. Like most Russian dishes, every family and restaurant makes Uha differently. 

Fish is a very important aspect of Uha, since the broth is made out of it. Freshwater fish has better flavor than salt water fish. At Crepes we serve Uha with fillet pieces of salmon. 

Menu Price:

Small ~ $ 7.20

Large ~ $ 10.95