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Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages that you can consume in this world. There are many antioxidants and nutrients that provide tons of benefits in the tea. Here at Crepes Tea House we have a huge variety of different kinds of green teas!

Did you know that green tea and black tea originate from the same plant species- Camellia sinensis!? The difference comes from the variety of the tea plant and how the leaves are processed. With green tea, the leaves are harvested and quickly heated and dried in order to prevent too much oxidation from occurring. This helps the green tea leaves stay green and keep their fresh-picked flavor.

There is also many varieties of green teas. It all depends what time of year the tea is plucked, which part of the plant, what kind of heat is applied when trying to stop the oxidation. Are the tea leaves kept whole or are they cut? Have the plants been organically grown or treated with chemicals? All these things add up to the taste of the tea.

Green tea generally has lower caffeine per cup than black tea and much lower amounts of caffeine than coffee. A cup of green tea ranges from 24-40 mg of caffeine whereas black tea can range from 25-61 mg of caffeine. Coffee beats both of them with 95-200 mg.

There are compounds in green tea that can improve brain function and polyphenols that help reduce inflammation. By drinking green tea you also help your teeth out! Studies have shown that green tea is associated with better dental health and lowers the risk of cavities.

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Although, green tea helps with increasing fat burning, boosting the metabolic rate, and helping improve physical performance it should not be used as a “weight loss product”. Of course it is much healthier than other drinks and switching to green tea from sugary drinks can cause you to lose weight, it is not a miracle  tea!

Overall, green tea has a numerous amount of benefits and there are many tasty ones out there! Come stop by Crepes Tea House and grab yourself a cup to go or even some loose-leaf tea. We hope to see you some time soon!