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What the Crepe?!?

Have you ever wondered what crepes are or what they’re made out of? Fear no more because you’re about to find out.

Blog What The Crepe 768x576 1

To explain what crepes are we have to start all the way from the beginning.

Legend has it that a housewife in Brittany, France, accidentally spilled porridge onto a hot surface, and through this mistake came the discovery of the delicious, crispy crepe. The word “crepe” originates from the Latin word, Crispus, which means crispy.

Not only did the French enjoy this delicacy, but Russians held celebrations with crepes symbolizing the sun because of its circular shape and golden color. The holiday “Maslenitsa,” otherwise known as Russian Butter Week, celebrates the start of spring. Crepes, or “Blini,” are the most popular food during this holiday. It can be served with caviar, cheese, vegetables, fruits, jellies; the possibilities are endless.

Crepes are a very thin pancake because there are no leavening agents like regular pancakes. There are only a few ingredients that are used to make crepes: flour, milk, and eggs. Sugar and vanilla can be added to the batter to add some more flavor.

Here at crepes we offer sweet and savory crepes. With sweet crepes you can get delicious fillings and fruits packed inside your crepe like a European burrito. Same goes for the savory crepe (or breakfast crepe) except with different kinds of meats and vegetables.

National Crepe day is February 2 and it’s our favorite holiday! The belief was that catching a crepe with a frying pan in your right hand after tossing it in the air, and holding a golden coin in your left hand would make you richer that year! In conclusion, without crepes we would just be called Tea House.