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Monika Jasinska

Monika Jasinska 0

For our first blog post, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize one of our many amazing employees. Monika Jasinska has been a waitress a Crepes Tea House since 2011 and has become a integral part of the Crepes family. She is an incredible waitress and has gained many regulars because of it.

Monika has many interests which include working out, hiking, biking, dancing, listening to music and most of all spending quality time with friends and family. Her goals in life are to travel the world and to open her own veterinarian clinic to take care of hurt and lost animals. Her favorite dish at Crepes is the Farm Cheese Vareniki because they remind her of her Grandma’s cooking. Her favorite tea is the Tropical Ambrosia White Tea because it is light and has a natural fruity sweetness to it.

Over her years working at Crepes Tea House, Monika says that her favorite memories are during the Christmas season. The Christmas Spirit can be felt at the restaurant, and everyone is in a great mood. The employees all help to decorate the restaurant, and it feels like everyone is part of her extended family. Monika says the reason she likes working at Crepes Tea House is because of the pleasant atmosphere, her regulars, and because she loves the food and tea. We are extremely thankful to have such a wonderful waitress be a part of our team at Crepes Tea House!

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