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  • Borsch
    A traditional Eastern European soup made with vibrant beets, hearty vegetables, and beef, creating a flavorful and nourishing dish.
  • Chicken Soup
    A comforting and nourishing broth-based soup, filled with tender chicken, vegetables, and aromatic herbs, providing warmth and comfort in every spoonful.
  • Cold Borsch
    Refreshing cold soup, with crisp beets and served with hot mashed potatoes. Perfect for a summer day!
  • Mercimek Vegetable Soup
    A hearty and flavorful Turkish soup made with lentils and a medley of vegetables, offering a comforting and nutritious meal.
  • Mushroom Soup
    A creamy and aromatic soup, rich with the earthy flavors of mushrooms, a delightful choice for mushroom enthusiasts.
  • Tomato Soup
    A comforting and classic soup made with ripe tomatoes, simmered to perfection for a warm and flavorful delight.
  • Uha Soup
    A traditional Russian fish soup, brimming with a variety of fish, root vegetables, and fragrant herbs, offering a hearty and flavorful culinary experience.