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Anna V.

Anna V

This week we were able to virtually sit down with Anna V. and ask her some questions. Anna has been working at Crepes Tea House for 6 years as a waitress and she can’t get enough of the working environment… and the farm cheese pancakes. She recently got married and moved to Virginia to only move back to Massachusetts within a few months. Continue reading to get an inside look into Anna’s thoughts!

What do you miss most about Crepes right now?

– Spending time with my co-workers and seeing all of the regulars and our valued customers as well as the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. 

What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

– I am training my new puppy Oliver who is a Belgian Malinois, started my new YouTube channel (Annachka’s Life), and spending quality time with my family binging Netflix.

What was your first reaction to the new restrictions on restaurants?

– I was genuinely shocked and sad to hear this not only because it’s my only source of income but because most of my time was spent at Crepes Tea House. I also know that a lot of people rely on us, not only for food but a good atmosphere and the friendships that we were able to make throughout the years.

What are you most excited for when Crepes Tea House and all other restaurants open their lounge seating?

– Since the weather is getting warmer I’m really excited for Southwick Crepes outdoor seating. It’s very beautiful outside with the trees and the creek that passes by. It is a perfect spot for brunch and mimosas.

What’s your departing message for all of the Crepes Tea House customers and those who are reading this blog?

– I miss all of my customers and hope that everyone is safe and healthy! I’m also excited to hear what everyone has been up to.

Crepes Tea House West Springfield is still open! We are practicing social distancing and are only allowing delivery and take out options. If you call us directly you can receive 10% OFF for delivery or 20% OFF for takeout. Thank you and stay safe.

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