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Did you know…

At Crepes Tea House we do NOT use any microwaves! In fact, we don’t even have any in the kitchen at all. Keep reading to find out why!

Don’t get us wrong.. microwaves are extremely convenient and fast. It is a very useful appliance and a necessity in most kitchens, just not ours. Microwaves turn electricity into electromagnetic waves, which stimulate the molecules in the food. The molecules vibrate and move and that energy turns into heat.

Some people say that through microwaves and the electromagnetic waves there can be consequences from the radiation. Although this may or may not be true, our reasoning has to do more with the food itself. Our goal at Crepes Tea House is to always provide our customers with freshly made meals. The moment you order is the moment we make the food for you. We do not want to rely on the microwaves to keep your food warm or reheat anything at all. We want to make the food fresh for you and bring it to your table still hot straight from the kitchen. Having to microwave your order because it got cold would defeat our goals of making sure you get your hot freshly-made food.

Here, at Crepes Tea House, one of our goals is to make the BEST food for the BEST customers. And having no microwaves helps us do that!

Some interesting facts:

  • Microwaves were invented by accident! Percy Spencer melted a chocolate bar in his pocket while building radar sets which inspired the idea of the microwave.
  • The very first microwave invented was 6 feet tall and weighed around 750 pounds. They cost about $5000.
  • The mesh in the microwave window stops the waves from reaching you.
  • The type of radiation that is used in microwaves is also used in cell phones.