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Crepes Tea House Southwick

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Crepes Tea House Southwick

The desire for a new location originated from a lot of customers requesting us to open another Crepes Tea House closer to their house. Customers from different states showed a lot of interest. People from Washington, North Carolina, and Virginia called multiple of times asking us to come and open the restaurant within their states. We noticed that many of our customers come from Westfield, North Connecticut, and other towns from the surrounding areas so we wanted to try to open something in that area. In a way, we wanted to escape from any city feel so that we can get closer to the country side.

We have had the opportunities of opening up restaurants with other locations that provided us with great experiences and has helped us grow. We started the entire expanding process about 6 years ago with a seasonal food truck in Springfield and Westfield. Through the food truck, we were able to get our name out to cities other than West Springfield. We had a stationary place in Enfield and Holyoke Mall, which was great, but we did not want to depend only on the customers of the shopping mall. A big goal was to have a place with the ability to own rather than having to lease. It has been a process of growing and getting bigger and better.

We are not planning on opening any more locations in the near future nor are we planning to be a franchise, we would rather concentrate on the two existing locations that we have. We want to push towards expanding our menu further and dive into the idea of healthier food and providing a large variety of beverages. The Southwick location will soon provide the sales of alcohol, with 80% of it being European alcohol.

Our goals for both the Crepes locations is not to only provide our customers with great food, but also provide a welcoming and hospitable environment. We want our customers to spend as much time as they would like catching up with their friends and family, rather than feeling rushed out like they may in some other places. In Southwick there is outdoor seating with a bigger backyard area. There is also a brook that is in the back as well. We are happy to say that dogs will be allowed to play in the grass area!

Although the process of opening restaurant and expanding is difficult, it is extremely rewarding when you see how happy it makes the customers that have always been there supporting us. We want to put all of our attention into the these two locations that we have and make it the best restaurant out there.

Edit: It has been 3 days since we opened our doors to customers at our Southwick location! We are extremely grateful to those who came by to support us. Many previous customers came but also a lot of new ones came by as well. We just want to thank everyone for making this location a success.

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