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Did you know that about 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business? Most of those people trust the online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Nowadays there are many platforms on which reviews are shared such as Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and more. The reviews aren’t limited to restaurants either, all kinds of companies are on these platforms like nail salons, car repairs shops, and many, many more.


Reviews are extremely helpful to both the customer and for the people running the business. Customers can go on these websites and read all about the company they want to visit. If we are talking about restaurants in particular, customers can go on and read whether or not the food and service is good. People can also post pictures so you can see what the food and the restaurant looks like. This helps the consumer get a better picture of the restaurant as a whole.


It is also very useful for the business. Good reviews not only attract other customers to go there, but it tells the company that they are on the right path and are doing good. Unfortunately, there can be negative reviews sometimes as well. And even though they are bad reviews, they can be beneficial. The business can see where they are lacking and how they can improve. Through their customers feedback they can make the proper changes in order to become better.


Reviews can either make or break businesses. And unfortunately, when people have a negative experience they rush towards these platforms to complain. People are more likely to leave a review describing a negative experience rather than a positive one. That’s why if you do have a good experience at a business, do your best to leave a positive review. Not only is this a great way to show your appreciation, but you also help make sure you keep them around for the long haul! But if the experience was negative, it is okay to share that as well because otherwise, businesses may not even know there was an issue.