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PELMENI! The Krabby Patty of Crepes Tea House! Completely home made, but the recipe will never be revealed 😉 Pelmeni are Slavic dumplings that consist of a meat filling wrapped in thin dough. In fact, pelmeni are considered the heart of the Russian cuisine. The exact place of origin is still up for debate, but Ural and Siberia both maintain strong claims.

The dough is made from from flour and water, some people add a tiny bit of egg. The filling can be different varieties of minced meat, from pork to beef or lamb. Not many spices are added, but pepper is a must and so is diced onion and garlic.

Blog Pelmeni 1 768x1024 1

Pelmeni belong to the family of dumplings, such as Ukrainian vareniki and Polish pierogi. They are cousins to the Turkish manti and the Japanese gyoza and Italian tortellini. The basic difference between pelmeni, vareniki, and pierogi is the thickness of the dough shell. Pelmeni are never served with a sweet filling which also distinguishes them from vareniki and and pierogi, which sometimes are.

There are many different recipes for pelmeni. Every family has their own twist to it such as some people dip pelmeni into sour cream but some dip it into vinegar. They are so delicious and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Come and try them today!