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Kalinka is a multicultural festival where families and friends gather and have an amazing time. This year the Kalinka will be on June 29 starting at 11 am until 4 pm. It will take place at the Morgan Road Pavilion in West Springfield. At the Kalinka there is delicious food from many different cultures, including Crepes Tea House food! Crepes has been participating in the Kalinka since 2010 and every year since. There will be music, dancing, and many activities for children. Various performances will be performed for entertainment by the local talents and vendor tables will be present by the local businesses. There will also be a raffle and prizes for children. Along with all the prizes, there will be soccer and volleyball games for everybody to join.

This is also a way for the people to celebrate World Refugee Day. The program manager of this event once said “The goal of the festival is to enrich the quality of life for residents of Western Massachusetts by cultivating an appreciation of the art and culture that was brought to the United States by generations of Russian-speaking refugees and immigrants”. She also explained how the Kalinka raises awareness of the Russian-speaking immigrant community and its roots and multicultural background. This is especially important for the employees at Crepes as many of us are from Eastern European countries.

The Kalinka is just like a giant family picnic. People from all the nearby towns will come together to enjoy the great weather, food, different cultures, and games. Come and join us! We are excited to be part of the Kalinka once again and even more excited to see the customers that we serve.

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