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Anna Sergeychik

Anna Sergeychik

For this week’s blogpost we wanted to put the spotlight on one of our awesome employees. Anna Sergeychik has been part of the Crepes team as a waitress since 2014. Crepes Tea House was the first job Anna has ever had and she worked throughout her junior and senior year of high school. She then went to college in MCPHS Boston and recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Premed and Health Sciences. Anna is starting PA school in January and is going the extra mile in order to get her master’s degree.

Anna has many interests and hobbies such as weightlifting, swimming, and hanging out with her friends. When she is not at work she enjoys being outside no matter what season it is. Her goal in life is to help out as many people as she could and to adopt children into her family. Anna has been busy planning her wedding and she is getting married in the fall. Her favorite food at Crepes is the mussels with garlic and she asks them to add some spinach in there as well! Lately her favorite tea has been Chocolate Delight because it has a super chocolatey taste but with all the benefits.

Anna’s favorite part about working at Crepes is how close all the employees are to each other. Being there feels like home and everyone is like family. And she says it’s not just the employees, but the customers feel like family as well. Anna is now in charge of the Crepes Tea House media and the weekly blogs. Which means that she may or may not have written this about herself ;).

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