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What is Kvass?

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What is Kvass?

Kvass is an extremely popular drink in the Slavic countries. It is so popular that there are stands and vendors all over the sidewalks where you can buy kvass on the go. (Like shown in the picture) Kvass is a traditional fermented Slavic beverage made from rye bread. The color of the bread used contributes to the color of the resulting drink. It is non-alcoholic but many people say that it tastes somewhat like beer. Some others compare it to kombucha.

Kvass is made with dried rye bread which is soaked in water and yeast is added. Some like to add other items such as raisins, honey, mint. This mixture ferments for a few days, and this process is what creates the natural carbonation and the distinctive sour flavor. Although kvass is a fermented bread drink, there are many versions out there now. Some people like to make apple or strawberry kvass. Every family has their own recipe for kvass and that’s why every time you try kvass it may taste different.

Kvass does have some health benefits as it contains manganese, vitamin B12, iron, copper, and magnesium with also a good amount of fiber. Depending if you add any fruits or vegetables such as beets in the kvass, there could be even more antioxidants. Since kvass is fermented there is many beneficial bacteria that help the GI tract which helps with bloating and lowers the risk of colorectal cancer.

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